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Puttu Kerala Recipes

Puttu is a traditional snack item prepared in Kerala. It is usually served with Banana,  Pappadam or Kadala Curry.  It is commonly used as break fast or snack item.

Recipes category : Snacks
Made with : Rice flour and Grated Coconut
Special Notes : You can also use Wheat flour or Rava instead of Rice flour.
Calorie :


Rice flour : 1 cup
Water : As Required
Grated Coconut : 1/4 cup
Salt : To taste

Method of Preparation

  1. Mix the rice flour with salt. Sprinkle some water and mix lightly with your hand to form a slightly damp and powdery mixture, but not lumpy.
  2. In a Puttu maker, put a layer of coconut and then the rice flour. Do this alternately with coconut mixture on the top layer.
  3. Heat puttu kudam with half filled water and for boiling. When the steam comes attach puttu maker on puttu kudam.
  4. When steams are comes out out remove from puttu kudam and push puttu out with a rod onto a plate.

Submitted By : Mrs. Asha Manoj

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